CBC works with local councils, developers, and individuals with interests in land to carry out client instructions. We discuss investment options, source land, provide technical design, apply for planning, and provide development proposals. The primary purpose of our services is to deliver win-win solutions in terms of profit, sustainability, and environmental impact. 

We are dedicated to sustainable service to clients and the community.  This is achieved through understanding the local planning policy, delivering objectives of the policy, identifying potential sites, conducting feasibility analysis, negotiating with vendors, and providing a suitable exit strategy. 

Our work is comprehensive and detailed. We will provide you with a planning history, the physical characteristics of areas, and the associated environmental constraints. CBC will provide detailed reports, actionable recommendations to generate the best value for any site, assist any planning process, and identify any associated reports that will assist and support any planning application.

Land Development, Community investment, sustainability, and quality are the driving force behind all CBC projects. We are continually looking to support vendors achieve their dreams, establish new land development opportunities, investors in the land, and contractors who would like to build on the land.  

Our business thrives from working within local communities, creating local jobs for residents, and building relationships. We are interested in transforming local land with the potential to create environmentally friendly residential developments bespoke to your community and area. CBC is a leader in the development of land without planning permission. We are also happy to discuss any requirements you may have surrounding land and the potential opportunity for development. We will always work with you to assess your land’s potential and provide feedback and options for development. 

Speak to a representative from CBC to discuss potential investments, sourcing, planning needs, and development needs today.

Land we look for:

  • Gardens
  • Agricultural Land
  • Problematic development sites
  • Planning and appeal refusals
  • Industrial and commercial premises
  • Vacant and tenanted property
  • Contaminated sites
  • Dilapidated buildings
  • Petrol stations
  • Pubs
  • Religious Property
  • Listed buildings.

    Process we follow:

    1. Brief consultation over the phone with one of our in-house experts following completion of Pre-qualifying questionnaire. Please see below or this can be complete during conversation with Land expert.
    2. If there is potential for the site we will then arrange a site visit to look at it in more detail.
    3. On confirming whether there is potential for the site we will outline the offers available and provide an offer to purchase your land.
    4. We will provide you with a simple contract outlining the agreed price, provide a time scale, and make contact with the council to discuss the proposals.
    5. At no cost to you, we will then prepare a full planning application and manage the complete process, keeping you informed throughout.
    6. Once approved the land can be purchased at the agreed price and the development can commence.