CBC provides support to clients who have high quality expectations and the range of safety requirements that must be achieved in their complex builds. By instructing CBC you will be able to ensure your quality specifications have reached acceptable standards, there is increased value, reduced wastage and continual monitoring of potential risk. With appropriate experience, systems, processes and procedures we will ensure your requirements are met and results are delivered in a timely manner. 

Our surveyors are dedicated to quality inspections, they will work with you to oversee the quality and safety of building work on your construction/building site, make sure the building plans are compliant and technical specifications are being followed correctly.

Our duty to you will be to perform regular inspections of the work on site, report on findings, comparing completed work with technical drawings and monitoring the compliance with building standards and health and safety regulations. 

As your clerk of works, CBC will: 

  • Measure and quality check building materials. 
  • Identify defects and suggest ways to correct them. 
  • Liaise with surveyors, contractors, consultants, and act as a communication point between a main office and constriction site. 
  • Keeping detailed records of work. 
  • Monitor progress and reporting to clients, managers, and architects. 
  • Referring to plans and taking photographs of work, along with measurements and samples 
  • Checking that building regulations, health and safety, legal and ecological requirements are met.

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