The UK Government has placed special emphasis on the retrofit and refurbishment of the UK’s existing domestic and non-domestic buildings. Retrofit or retrofit coordination is the managing of the processes required to upgrade a property or site to a higher standard than to the original build. This approach is deemed to hold the greatest potential for reducing CO2 emissions in the short to medium term.

Before any retrofit commences, we advise clients to carry out an energy assessment to provide insight and accurate data. This information can demonstrate how to make possible energy demand savings in the future in real cost.

Refurbishment and retrofitting measures allow providing betterment to property owners through the improvement of the energy efficiency of existing buildings. With a key focus on creating a good building, a well-maintained and repaired property. CBC will minimise energy wastage and living discomfort, increase the durability and longevity of a building’s fabric, yielding further long-term benefits in terms of the retention of embodied/capital carbon and create sustainable future-proof homes.

CBC provides a cohesive plan to organise and coordinate your retrofit plan. We will conduct a retrofit QA and risk management assessment including building efficiency and dwelling retrofit assessments and provide information on improvements to fabric, floors, roofs, walls, and windows.

Contact CBC to discuss your retrofit, risk management, and coordination.